Want to Be a Better Person? Get a Dog!

Being dog parents make us more responsible, more active, and generally happier. According to a recent study conducted by Kelton Communications, dogs make us more selfless and loving human beings. In fact, approximately 93% of all dog parents report being a better person just by having a dog in their lives.


Our Dogs Make Us More Responsible

A French Bulldog out for her morning walk with momA French Bulldog out for her morning walk with mom. (Source)

Only around half of dog parents report being more responsible because of their pups. But be honest. How many times have you wanted to sleep in even if it's supposed to be a busy day? And how many of those times did you get up because you knew your dog was hungry or needed to go potty?

The fact is, 80% of us pet parents say that our dogs make it easier for us to get up in the morning. Isn't it true? We have better daily routines, and we stick with them mostly because we know our dogs rely on us to do so. Those routines are what help us meet all our responsibilities.


Our Dogs Keep Us Active

A woman rollerblading with her dogA woman rollerblading with her dog. (Source)

Our dogs help us take care of ourselves better. In fact, 83% of us report being more active because them. They also help us make better exercise choices.

Additionally, pet owners are not only more physically fit but also have greater self-esteem than non-pet owners. That’s according to a 2011 pet ownership study led by researchers from Saint Louis University and Miami University.


Our Dogs Make Us Happier

A woman enjoying her time with her black dogA woman enjoying her time with her black dog. (Source)

Majority of pet parents say they’re happier because of their dogs. In fact, calling them “man’s best friend” is entirely accurate because 83% of us consider our dogs to be our closest companions.

Additionally, most of us believe our dogs played a huge role in helping us get through some of our most difficult life experiences.


Our Dogs Make Us Selfless

A woman makes space in her bed for her PugA woman makes space in her bed for her Pug. (Source)

Although not all of us report being more patient, there's evidence that we're more selfless because of our beloved dogs. In fact, almost half of us admit to letting our dogs share our bed. Plus, most of those who do would sacrifice their own comfort for their pups to sleep soundly next to them.

Unsurprisingly, 97% of us dog parents admit that we're likely to do whatever it takes to make our dogs happy. That includes uprooting our lives! As a matter of fact, many are willing to move to another house if it means having a better yard.


Our Dogs Make Us More Loving

A woman and her Dalmatian are completely in love with each otherA woman and her Dalmatian are completely in love with each other. (Source)

Nearly half of pet parents report being more affectionate because of their dogs. As part of showing their affection, almost half dress up their pups in dog outfits and stylish dog harnesses. Another 22% throw them birthday parties!

Additionally, 87% surprise themselves by how much they love their dogs. But what's even more interesting is that those who tell their dogs they love them, do so just as many times as they tell their romantic partners. That's, on average, six times a day!

Plus, they do many other things to let their dogs know how much they mean to them.

Regardless of the numbers, we can all agree that our dogs enhance our lives, and we all try our best to return the favor.

More than half of pet parents say they wish their dogs understand just how much they're loved. But, it's likely that they already do understand that. Your dogs show their love in their own silly ways. In the end, we're all winners for having dogs in our lives.