French Bulldog Shedding: Dealing With Frenchie Fur

The French Bulldog has consistently ranked as the world’s fourth most popular breed. In fact, the popularity of the breed has inspired a whole line of trendy Frenchie clothing and accessories.

Although they’re arguably among the most fashionable dog breeds, they make excellent pets because of their even temperament, adaptable nature, and low exercise requirements. But how do they fare in terms of grooming and coat maintenance?

Does the French Bulldog shed?

Quilla and Yoshi in their Frenchie winter jackets.

All dogs shed to a certain degree, and the French bulldog is no different. But, part of their appeal as pets is their fine, short, and smooth coat that requires very little to groom and don’t shed much. Twice a year, however, they lose their undercoats, which makes their shedding slightly more difficult to manage. That happens towards the end of spring as they prepare for the summer heat, and during the fall to develop their winter coats.

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How do you manage shedding in Frenchies?

Pepsi and his friend Max wearing breathable Frenchie harnesses.

Whether or not it’s shedding season, coat maintenance on French bulldogs doesn’t take much effort. Here’s what you need:

Proper Bathing

French bulldogs don’t need to bathe more than once a month if they’re mostly indoor pets. Choose a shampoo that doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals and massage it into their coats to loosen dead hair. Also, dry them thoroughly after every bath because bacteria can proliferate in damp skin folds.

Frequent Brushing

For regular grooming, you’ll need a hound glove to use at least once a week. That will help shed dead hair and also stimulate natural oil production for healthy skin and coat. During shedding season, however, you might need a specialized de-shedding tool.

Adequate Nutrition

What your Frenchie eats directly affects how much they shed and how healthy their coat is. Make sure you feed them high-quality dog food and consider giving them skin and coat supplements like fish oil or biotin.

Breathable Dog Accessories

Despite their short coats, French bulldogs are quick to overheat because their short snouts limit their ability to pant. And when they often feel too hot, they become prone to shedding. When taking them outdoors, always use a Frenchie harness made of breathable fabric. The same goes for their collars and other dog accessories.

How do you deal with all the fur?

Piggy and Ellie wearing bomber jackets to keep their fur from the beddings.

During shedding season, expect your Frenchie’s fur to get on everything, including your own clothes, furniture, and car seats. Here are some tips to help you manage:

Invest In Dog Clothes

Good quality French bulldog clothes keep shed hair in so it doesn’t go all over your home. You can change them frequently when your Frenchie is shedding heavily. Then, just pick out clumps of hair before chucking them in the washer.

Use Slipcovers

You can buy a variety of slipcovers made for standard-sized furniture and car seats. These are made of special fabric that fur doesn’t easily stick to. They’re also machine-washable, making them an even more convenient item for all dog owners.

Buy Fur Removal Tools

Removing dog hair by hand can be frustrating. Every dog owner relies on tools that make fur removal much easier. The best tools really depend on what surfaces you need to clean up. Some of your best options are lint rollers and rubber brushes.

French bulldogs are a fairly shed-resistant breed and are generally considered low-maintenance in terms of grooming. And, with the help of some Frenchie clothing, appropriate dog accessories, and effective fur removal tools during the shedding seasons, keeping your home fur-free should be a breeze.