Best Dog Collars for Pit Bulls - Style, Safety, & Durability

Pit bull is the general term used for dogs of specific characteristics such as a muscular neck, a broad chest, almond-shaped eyes, and a short coat.

Breeds that commonly fall under this broad term are the American Pit Bull Terrier, the American Bully, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and the American Staffordshire Terrier.

No matter which breeds you have, or if your pup is a mix of these, you basically have a pit bull. That means having to deal with not just an intelligent and affectionate dog but also one that’s strong-willed, brawny, and powerful.

Whether you’re looking to buy a fashionable gold chain collar or basic functional collars, you must consider all these general pit bull traits. 

Concerns Regarding Pit Bulls and Dog Collars

a beautiful pitbull wearing a tactical collar

The main concern about finding the best collar for bully breeds is their strength.

These large dogs are generally known as heavy pullers and require all their dog accessories to be heavy-duty and made with the highest durability standards.

If not, they could easily break free, which could have serious consequences, especially in a public area.

Apart from strength, pit bulls have a uniquely muscular structure.

Their necks and their chests are broader and brawnier than most breeds. So, it’s important to take measurements of your dog's neck and find a collar with the correct size and fit

How to Choose a Collar for Your Pit Bull 

Knowing that your dog is either already strong or will soon be, these are the specific features you should look for in a dog collar for your pit bull: 


First and foremost, a pit bull’s collar should be heavy-duty and able to withstand pulling. Check for weak points that could potentially break when you’re out on a walk. 

 - If it’s metal, will it rust?

 - If it’s fabric, how quickly will it fray?

Also, check on the buckle and determine whether it looks tough enough to be used for a long time. Some pit bull collars come with a hardened plastic quick-release buckle, but these have been known to become brittle and eventually break.

The best buckles are made from stainless steel, which will last the longest.

Another critical point of consideration is the leash attachment point. A good pitbull collar will have a stainless steel D-ring attachment point that makes taking your dog for a walk quick and easy.

a multi coloured tactical collar


Basic collars are typically made of nylon webbing or leather, which are generally safe but simply won’t last long if you have an active breed, like a pit bull.

However, some collars are made of high-grade, heavy-duty (or even military-grade) material and are perfect for heavy pullers like pit bulls.

Make sure that the collar you choose is made from material that will be comfortable on your dog's sensitive skin and not cause any irritation but is strong enough to last.


Finding the right size collar for your Pit bull can be quite challenging. They have muscular shoulders and thick necks, so try to get the sizing right for your Pitty to be comfortable with its collar.

A collar that’s too tight can obstruct your dog’s airways and make it difficult for them to breathe. It could even cause injury to your dog’s throat. On the other hand, any pit bull could wiggle out of a dog collar that’s too loose.

To size your pit bull properly for a dog collar, it’s always best to measure around the neck, just above the chest and shoulders. Measure with a snug fit and add two inches to get your ideal dog collar length. 

You know you got it right when there’s enough space for about two finger-widths when you insert your fingers between the collar and your dog’s body. 


When choosing a collar for your pit bull, safety should be a top priority.

Pit bulls are known for their strength and energy, and a suitable collar can help ensure their safety during walks and other activities. Look for pit bull collars made with heavy-duty materials, such as durable nylon or leather, and reinforced with a metal buckle for added strength.

Avoid collars with plastic buckles that may break under the pressure of a strong pit bull. A sturdy collar with a secure metal buckle can help prevent accidental escapes and provide reliable control during walks.


Dressing your dog up in style is one of the perks that bring joy to being a pet parent. 

Although this might come only after safety and durability in your list of priorities, it’s unashamedly a valid consideration. Thankfully, dog models on Instagram and other social media platforms do a good job of showing what’s currently on trend and what are canine fashion faux pas.

Nevertheless, the best style is really based on your personal preferences. So whether you’re attracted to leather, spiked or Cuban link chains that are all the rage among pit bull owners, there really aren’t any wrong choices. 

Number One Collar For Pit Bulls - The Tactical Collar

Taking the above features into consideration, there’s only one clear choice for your next Pit bull Collar.

A tactical collar is the first choice for many dog lovers that want a dog collar that is comfortable for their dogs to wear yet durable enough to last for ages.

These collars are available in a variety of colors, so getting one that will suit your dog won’t be too much of an issue.

They are made of high-quality, durable material like triple-stitched nylon with neoprene padding. This ensures that your dog’s skin doesn’t get irritated around the points of contact.

They also come with a stainless steel buckle, which is durable and practical. Stainless steel D-rings make a good anchor point for attaching a leash and name tag.

Another consideration is the control handle. Pitbulls are known to be heavy pullers. In other words, they pull really hard when they’re excited. And they’re super strong dogs.

The control handle stitched onto the back of the collar is perfect for the dog owner to keep control of their dog in any situation.

Tactical collars are also slightly wider than the average flat collar. This means they distribute the force generated by pulling evenly around your dog's neck and don’t choke them.

a tactical dog collar

Other Pit Bull Collars 

If, for some reason, you decide that a tactical collar isn’t the best pit bull collar for your dog, have a look at one of the following options.

Consider each one to determine which one best suits your handling technique, safety standards, and style preferences.

1) Flat Collar 

Although commonly used as an everyday collar for many dog breeds, there may be better options than a standard flat collar for a pit bull. Pit bulls, known for their strength, energy, and powerful jaw, require a collar that can provide additional safety and durability due to their unique needs.

Firstly, everyday collars, typically made of nylon or leather, may not withstand the pulling and tugging that pit bulls are capable of.

Pit bulls have a strong prey drive and can exhibit intense pulling behaviors, especially during walks or when excited. This can put significant strain on a standard collar, leading to wear and tear over time and potentially posing a safety risk for the dog.

Additionally, pit bull owners need to consider the breed's tendency for escape artist behavior.

Due to their athleticism and determination, pit bulls may attempt to slip out of their collar during walks or other activities. A standard flat collar with a buckle or plastic clip may not provide the level of security needed to prevent escape, potentially resulting in a lost or injured dog.

2) Choker Chain Collar 

Choke chain collars, although sometimes used as a training tool for certain breeds, may not be suitable collars for pit bulls.

Pit bull owners need to be aware that choke collars, also known as slip collars, can pose potential risks to the breed's well-being. Due to their powerful neck muscles and strength, pit bulls may be more prone to injury or discomfort when subjected to the choking or pulling effect of these collars.

Therefore, dog owners should consider safer and more humane collar options prioritizing the breed's physical characteristics and well-being.

3) Martingale Dog Collar 

While martingale collars are often considered a safer alternative to choke or prong collars, they may not be the best option for pit bulls.

Martingale collars, also known as limited slip collars, are designed to tighten slightly when a dog pulls, but they do not fully release as choke collars do. 

For pit bulls, who are known for their strength and determination, the constant pressure or tightening sensation of a martingale collar can potentially cause discomfort or anxiety.

Moreover, while martingale collars are designed to avoid choking, they still rely on pressure to control the dog's behavior, which may not be ideal for pit bulls that may not respond well to any form of pressure or discomfort.

Best Bling Alternative

While we strongly recommend the tactical collar as the best dog collar for pit bulls, there is an alternative for the more fashion-conscious dog owner on the market.

Enter the Cuban link chain collar.

a pitbull wearing a cuban chain collar

Cuban Link Chain Collar 

The Cuban link dog collar is basically a pimped out version of your typical flat collar. 

Though it started out as a trendy piece of dog jewelry, they’re now being made into strong, hard-wearing dog collars that can withstand the pull of even an adult pit bull.

These are a well-loved option because they’re remarkably durable and look incredibly hip. 

The Final Verdict

Unless you’re working with a behaviorist that advises otherwise, the only collars you should consider for your pit bull are the tactical collar and the more on-trend Cuban link dog chain.

The tactical collar is one of the best collars for any medium to large breed of dogs, including Pitbull terriers.

They’re made of super military-grade solid material, which means they last a very long time. They don’t hurt your dog in any way and don’t choke when pulled on. 

So rather than training from a discomfort point of view, they help you use positive reinforcement to get the desired response from your dog.

The material is easy to clean and can be thrown in the wash with other household items.

The Cuban dog collar is possibly the most iconic piece of jewelry when it comes to canine designer fashion.

But more than being a stylish dog necklace that perfectly suits the pit bull’s stoic expression yet spunky personality, a well-crafted gold chain dog collar doesn’t fray and won’t snap even when subjected to a strong dog’s pulling power. 

Pair it with a Cuban Link Leash and a Letter Pendant and you will for sure turn heads anywhere you go!

Pit bulls might be incredibly powerful, but some effort in training and a well-made collar should be all you need to enjoy their company.

Whether you choose a gold dog chain or any of the other available pitbull collars, always be sure to invest in high-quality ones that fasten securely so you can take your pup out for walks and leisure trips with safety and confidence.